EPA CONDUCTS RETREAT ON THE REVIEW OF THE EIA PROCEDURE GUIDELINES, NOISE REGULATION, ASBESTOS REMOVAL GUIDELINE AND DISPERSANT POLICY OF LIERIA The department of compliance and enforcement at the EPA conducted a two-day retreat in the City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County on Friday and Saturday April 7 - 8, 2017 to review and amend the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedural guidelines and finalize the draft regulations and guidelines on Asbestos removal, dispersant and noise. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Procedural guidelines, which were compiled and validated in 2006, has been used as a guidance tool for the administration of the ESIA process at the EPA. Having used this document for over a period of ten years, there was a need to review especially for consideration and inclusion of the social impact components such as social economic surveys, resettlement and abbreviated resettlement action plans (RAP/ARAP), and alternative livelihood development strategy. The team also finalized the draft regulation on asbestos removal, a long-standing regulation for the agency as required by the environmental and protection management law of Liberia. The regulation details procedures and process through which proponents will be guided for asbestos removal and disposal.. Similarly, for the first time, the team reviewed and finalized the draft noise regulation which sets the ambient noise level for different segments of the communities, including levels for business districts, residential areas, school districts, etc. Finally, the team completed the first dispersant policy of Liberia espousing the country’s commitment to ensuring that the use, importation, and disposal of dispersants is conducted through a controlled process. Presenting at the retreat were Mr. Z. Elijah Whapoe Manager of the Department of Planning the Policy, Mr. Solomom P. Wright of GreenCons, Mr. Aloysious Kotee, Assistant Manager for EIA, and Mr. Johansen Voker. Participants reviewed the EIA documents jointly before being later divided into three groups with each group given the responsibility to review one of the documents: noise regulations, asbestos removal guidelines and dispersant policy of Liberia. DED and CTA were part of the team reviewing Dispersant Policy of Liberia The Executive Director and the Policy council will now approve the four instruments, which were discussed and reviewed at the retreat. Following this, the instruments will become effective after publication and binding on all proponents.