H. E. Joseph N. Boakai, Sr.

President of Liberia

H. E. Zegben J. K. Koung

Vice President of Liberia

EPA is Seeking To Recruit National Specialize CSO/Firm in Eco-stove Construction and Production

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Energy & Environment Program/Country Program Support intents to support the Government of Liberia through the Environmental Protection Agency to construct a fully functional Eco-stove center for the women of Gbarpolu County and procure initial materials for the eco-stove production.

Clean and reliable energy help to reduced Carbon dioxide emissions, improved health resulting from reduced indoor air pollution, create employment opportunities such as stove manufacturing, distribution, solar assembly etc. Eco-stove provides an affordable alternative to gas and electronic stoves yet maintaining the same technological advantages. The use of Eco-stoves does the following:

  • Reduces deforestation by a significance percentage by promoting the use of reusable stone stoves
  • Produces a more energy efficient cook stove that delivers immediate environmental, social, economic and technological benefits to the end user
  • Helps the user achieve energy independence
  • Reduces landfill by promoting the processing of household waste into bricks which can be used as fire starters for the eco stoves
  • Fights poverty by promoting skills development in both the unemployed youth and women
  • creates employment, apprenticeship and entrepreneurial opportunities through the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance of eco-stoves
  • Reduces cooking cost up to a significant percentage by using reusable volcanic rocks
  • Promotes good health by the use of smoke free eco-stoves across the developing world suffering from indoor air pollution thought inefficient cook-stoves and the added benefit of light bulbs on the eco-stoves providing the lighting solution in areas without electricity instead of kerosene lamps


Eco-stoves use reusable volcanic rocks to cook. The volcanic rocks retain heat much longer than any other fuel. Bricks are used as fire starters and solar is used to power

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