H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah

President, Liberia

Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor

Vice President, Liberia

EPA Seeks Qualified Consultant To Access the Current Mandates and Organizational Structure of the EPA For Establishment of a Project Management Department


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the principal authority in Liberia responsible for the management of the environment; coordinate, monitor, supervise and consult with relevant stakeholders on all activities in the protection of the environment and sustainable use of natural resources. To enhance EPA efforts in achieving her core mandates, she is currently the link between the Government of Liberia and global environmental funding institutions; serving as National Designated Authority (NDA), of the Green Climate Fund (GCF), and Focal Point for the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The EPA with support and collaboration from the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) have leveraged and accessed global environmental funding to address climate degradation issues in Liberia. Evidence of these are the Coastal Defence intervention that rescued Atlantic Street in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County and the Coastal Defence erection in New Kru Town, Montserrado County. Other projects financed and implemented by global environmental funding are the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) and the Cross Cutting Capacity Development (CCCD).

To enable EPA continuously leverage and access international climate funds it has to be compliant with institutional standards and requirements. These include, human resource capacity, that is experience, international climate funding institutions funding proposals development; development and implementation of best practice systems, indicators, documentation and policies; compliance with international voluntary standards and frameworks; environmental and social due diligence; monitoring, evaluation and learning for  projects and programs; discern appropriate levels of transparency and disclosure; and regular sustainable reports with transparent accounting for financial as well as environmental, social and governance performance. Further, the EPA needs to put in place and continually improve systems for managing the impacts associated with environmental and social contexts, by setting objectives and seeking continuous improvements through monitoring performance and reviewing progress and regularly audited by third party financial institutions.

With support from the UNDP, the EPA is desirous of establishing an efficient Project Management Department (PMD) that can plan and execute programs and projects with tangible results, ensuring timely deliveries and reports that will meet credibility and quality assurance of best practices. The PMD of the EPA will also be positioned to identify and navigate the risks and opportunities that project management faces and adopt cost-effective approaches. We also want to ensure that the PMD can develop, monitor and evaluate projects/programs, perform baseline analyses to understand which impacts are direct results of the projects/programs.

Considering the above mentioned and to enable the Environmental Protection Agency adequately access and implement multilateral and bilateral climate financed projects, there is a need to establish the PMD. The PMD will be key in drafting projects/funding proposals, implementing and managing and reporting on donor and GoL funded projects.

It is in this regard that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of Liberia through its Energy & Environment Unit of the EPA requests the services of an International Consultant to work in collaboration with the EPA to access the current Mandates and Organizational Structure of the EPA and Recommend the Procedure for the Establishment of a Project Management Department (PMD) with distinct duties, number of personnel, responsibilities, qualifications, remunerations and sustainability Plan.

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