H. E. Joseph N. Boakai, Sr.

President of Liberia

H. E. Zegben J. K. Koung

Vice President of Liberia

Vacancy: Communication Specialist

The Government of Liberia through the Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB) received funding from the Green Climate Fund (GCF) to implement the project (Enhancing Climate Information Systems for Resilient Development in Liberia) otherwise referred to as CIS Project. The objective of the project is to further strengthen Liberia’s climate-related observing and monitoring capabilities, early warning and early action systems, and other environmental-related information systems. It seeks to drive a paradigm shift towards evidence-based climate-informed decision-making, planning, and response. The overarching goal of the project is to integrate green growth, environmental resilience, and adaptation into national development planning through effective climate information systems. The project will reduce exposure of Liberia’s communities, livelihoods, and infrastructure to climate-induced natural hazards through a well-functioning national Multi-Hazard Impact-Based Forecasting and Early Warning System (MHIBF-EWS). A well-functioning MH-IBF-EWS means having in place trained and equipped Liberia Meteorological Service (LMS), Liberia Hydrological Service (LHS), Environment Protection Agency (EPA), the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) to collect weather and climate data; introduce and maintain modelling, forecast weather events and provide early warnings; scale-up evidence-based climate-informed decision-making, planning, and response actions countrywide. Having these in place will lead to transformative change in climate risk reduction and management in Liberia. This new paradigm will focus on translating meteorological and hydrological hazards into the sector- and location-specific potential impacts for the development of sectoral responses to mitigate those impacts. The project´s activities will further support the design, development and implementation of strategies and actions in the country that effectively address climate change adaptation and sustainable development needs.

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